python project development

python is the powerful programming language used for research concept development. Nowadays research scholars used python for developing their PhD research projects.

Python for PhD project

The research domain in computer science are data mining, image processing, Data analytics, big data can be implemented in python language.

Here in Eclat, we have a well experienced python Developers for implementing the research concepts in any domain.

Recent Research projects in Python

  • Brain tumor classification
  • Skin Cancer classification
  • Breast Cancer classification
  • Alzheimer’s disease Classification
  • ECG Classification
  • Leaf Disease prediction
  • Parkinson’s Disease classification
  • Liver cancer Classification
  • lungs cancer classification
  • heart disease Classification

Eclat technosoft is the leading python project development center in Tamilnadu. we provide the service all over the India. we have completed 120+ python project with our experienced developers.

We implements the machine learning and deep learning algorithms in python. The algorithms such as svm, Cnn, RNN, GAN, DBN, etc., have be applied in various kind of datasets.

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